Our Commercial Cleaning Services Include

Office Cleaning

Dusting/wiping down desks, tables, & surfaces
Cleaning/sanitizing common areas & waiting rooms
Vacuuming carpets & rugs
Sweeping & mopping hard floors
Emptying & sanitizing trash bins

Retail Space Cleaning

Cleaning/dusting display shelves & product stands
Polishing glass surfaces & mirrors
Sweeping & mopping hard floors
Cleaning changing rooms & restrooms
Emptying & sanitizing trash bins

Restaurant Cleaning

Sanitizing food preparation areas
Cleaning kitchen equipment
Wiping down tables, chairs, & booths
Sweeping & mopping dining areas
Emptying & sanitizing trash bins

Educational Facility Cleaning

Cleaning classrooms, offices, & common areas
Disinfecting high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs & light switches
Sweeping & mopping floors
Sanitizing restrooms & replenishing supplies
Emptying & sanitizing trash bins

Transform Your Chattanooga Business with Steele Property Cleaning

We take pride in revolutionizing the way businesses in Chattanooga experience cleanliness and order. Steele Property Cleaning is committed to transforming your commercial space into an immaculate environment that radiates professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. With our comprehensive range of top-tier cleaning services tailored specifically to meet your unique needs, we go above and beyond to ensure every nook and cranny is flawlessly maintained. From House Cleaning Services to Specialized Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Services in Chattanooga, Tn, our commitment lies in customizing our offerings to perfectly align with your unique requirements. Experience the transformative power of Steele Property Cleaning and elevate your business to new heights of cleanliness, efficiency, and success.